This Indian Entrepreneur Lit Up The Lives Of 18,000 Children In Orissa

‘The children who come here to study are stricken with poverty and illiteracy, and their parents themselves have not had much of an education. My goal is to eradicate poverty through education and bring them into the mainstream,’ says Dr. Samanta, Founder of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences.

Samantha, when he was a kid had similar experiences, though he did not belong to the tribal clan he was amidst severe poverty  but with the thirst to gain knowledge he worked hard and managed to finish his college education through scholarships. After his education in the 90’s he founded Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, a private university that offers quality education in engineering, business, and medicine. It is from the funds of this university that Samantha runs KISS. He takes no salary for what he does at this service organization and says that he wants the tribal children to get an opportunity which he couldn’t afford decades back.

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