Tessolve & NXP enable the Productization of Digital Connected Clusters for mass-market Two-Wheelers

Tessolve & NXP enable the Productization of Digital Connected Clusters for mass-market Two-Wheelers

Tessolve has collaborated with NXP Semiconductors to advance the productization of a mass-market digital connected cluster reference design based on NXP’s i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU, AW611 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip, KW45 Bluetooth LE smart access MCU and PF5103 multi-channel PMIC. This collaboration aims to deliver an industry-leading solution to OEMs, offering sophistication and ease of integration into vehicles with minimal customization requirements. By offering this product solution, Tessolve significantly streamlines the evaluation, development, and deployment processes for OEMs seeking to integrate cutting-edge digital cluster solutions into their vehicles. This synergy ultimately reduces complexity, costs, and time-to-market for OEMs.

Tessolve’s Digital Connected Cluster, powered by the NXP i.MX RT1170-based SMARC SoM, is tailored for the 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler market and boasts automotive compliance. Featuring a 5” display (upgradeable to 7”), NXP chipsets for BLE and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, multi-channel power management, and CAN interface, this complete solution is production-ready and primed for deployment.

“High-resolution digital displays play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe operation of electric vehicles (EVs) with limited range. They furnish drivers with indispensable information, including battery status updates, navigation guidance, and the whereabouts of nearby charging stations,” said Dan Loop, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Edge Product Lines, NXP. “The NXP solution delivers advanced graphics along with smartphone connectivity to enable a rich user experience in a very cost-effective system solution. The production ready DCC platform now makes it that much easier for customers to get their products to market quickly.”

“Our NXP i.MX RT1170-based cluster with advanced performance graphics and rich wireless and audio connectivity delivers a digital driving experience which takes us into the future of two-wheeler mobility. Built using Tessolve’s 3-D product engineering principle, which stands for, Development platform, Deployable system, or Derivative solution, our cluster can be adopted by OEMs either “as is” or can be customized for their needs. Tessolve accelerates OEMs’ time to market with exceptional ODM abilities, offering digital cluster white labelling as well”, said Kiran Kumar Nagendra, AVP- Embedded Systems, Tessolve.




Source: Press Release