Tech Startup Gupshup brings convenience of UPI payments to feature phones

Tech Startup Gupshup brings convenience of UPI payments to feature phones
In a move that can make UPI payments easy-to-use on feature phones, conversational tech startup has launched a native payment app for feature phones called GSPay. The app leverages the SMS messaging architecture on feature phones to make payments without the need for data plan or internet connectivity. GSPay also eliminates the need for users to input numeric digits or go through an IVR call process to make payments, and with this, feature phone users can now scan QR codes to make payments.
The GSPay app is available in 12 Indian languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Odia and Assamese among others to ensure ease of access even at the grassroots. The company has, for now, partnered with Nokia (HMD Global) to enable GSPay on Nokia 105 (2023) and Nokia 106 4G feature phones. The company is also in talks with more handset OEMs to preload GSPay.
“The real breakthrough here is to leverage the power of messaging to enable rich consumer experiences. We are using the SMS messaging channel to deliver a rich payments experience on feature phones. This can also be extended to other areas such as e-commerce in the future,” Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO,, said. “This innovative capability will bring the vast numbers of feature phone users into the digital and payments ecosystem,” he added.
Gupshup’s GSPay leverages UPI 123 Pay, an instant payment system launched by RBI and NPCI. While the solutions built on UPI 123 Pay have deployed either missed calls or an IVR based system for making payments thus far, with GSPay, even new users can register for UPI, link bank accounts and set UPI PIN, all within the embedded app in the phone. The app gives an option to make payments either via mobile number or UPI ID, completing the transaction in a simple 2-step process. To make a payment, the user needs to enter the mobile number or UPI ID of the payee, the amount and UPI PIN. Upon confirmation, the payment is successfully completed and the user gets a notification.
The company’s solution (now GSPay) had earlier in 2020 won NPCI’s Grand Challenge, beating 750 innovators from around the world, who had submitted solutions towards a payment system for feature phones in India. Gupshup is a conversational engagement platform for marketing, commerce, and support automation.