Swiggy Partners with Bounce for Bike Taxi Pilot


Swiggy, One of the major players is Online Food Delivery sector is tied up with bike rental startup Bounce, to launch a bike taxi pilot in Indore and Ahmedabad.

This taxi pilot concept started two months ago, with a Swiggy rider using Bounce app to pick and drop customers when delivery orders are low. On a bigger picture, the bikes and delivery personnel are Swiggy’s, and Bounce is a platform that assists them on where they can find customers.

Under this partnership, Swiggy delivery partners may act as bike taxi operators also, which might lead to an investment in Bounce led by Swiggy.

The cognitive logic behind choosing Indore and Ahmedabad to launch the pilot are the low order frequencies reported from these regions. Comparatively small- sized market and lesser managerial complications are said to be other reason for the choice.

"While this is just a pilot, the larger plan for Swiggy is to launch bike taxis in one of its major markets, which is said to be at least six months away. Bengaluru and Gurugram (Gurgaon) are being discussed as options," the source told ET.

Responding to Inc42 queries, Bounce claims to have deployed over 5000 keyless scooters in Bengaluru. Recently, the company recorded over 2 Million rides. Scaling up to heights, the company plans to introduce over 50,000 vehicles this year. If the proposal works to be successful, Bounce will get access to Swiggy's current network of 2 Lakh delivery partners spread across 300 Indian cities. 

Since Bike Taxi space is undergoing certain regulatory changes, the Supreme Court of India has asked them to ponder and make laws for governing and regulating application–based taxi services like Ola and Uber. Following this, identity of the rider, fitness certification and right insurance documents are essential before starting the operation.