Suraasa: 3 hurdles faced by Teachers on a daily basis & Tips to Overcome Them

Suraasa: 3 hurdles faced by Teachers on a daily basis & Tips to Overcome Them

Historically, teaching has been regarded as one of the noblest professions globally. Educators work round the clock to bring changes to our civilization, society and nation - yet often stay beyond the limelight, not receiving the respect they deserve. Their efforts go towards educating tomorrow’s leaders, who in turn shape the society in their image. From societal views to the classrooms, the role of educators is often dismissed by the masses, and addressing this will lead to improved learning experiences for millions of students. 

Rishabh Khanna, CEO and Co-founder of Suraasa, insists on the need to address these challenges, by saying, “Think about it — teachers are making an impact on students every single day. If we give them the recognition they deserve and help them grow in their careers, they can truly transform our future generations. And at Suraasa, we're doing just that. We help teachers chart out their career path, help them upskill with our programs & ultimately connect them with schools around the world. If a teacher joins us, we stand by them throughout their career providing all sorts of help they need for their careers.”

Lack of training programs

In the business landscape, upskilling is the secret to success in the long term. Organisations across sectors understand this well, so they conduct appropriate training sessions for their workforce. However, such sessions are not conducted for educators across India. As a result, Indian teachers’ abilities are often not aligned with the present trends. Many educators in India are not accustomed to a technological approach, such as digital classrooms or using technology to offer an advanced learning opportunity.

Training and upskilling programs can help reduce this challenge, helping teachers to develop useful skills and align with the global teaching standards.

2. Obstacles inside classrooms

The world is evolving and so are the students. Educators are often expected to evolve with the students to facilitate an optimised learning experience. However, this does not become possible every time, owing to generation, technological and skill gaps. This raises challenges such as lack of interest among students, lack of participation, misbehaviour and related issues. 

These challenges can be addressed appropriately with periodic skill enhancement and training sessions for educators, which can help them understand the students in an optimised way, allowing them to facilitate a better learning experience.

3. Lack of career growth

Career growth is one of the drivers for individuals in their professional lives. However, teachers seldom experience proper career growth, owing to a lack of clarity and scope. Many teachers today have little idea about where they see themselves in a few years if they continue on their present path. The scope of promotions is also limited among a few, as there is no particular set of key responsibilities they need to fulfil to become eligible for one.

This issue can be addressed by schools and institutions by establishing a clear roadmap to promotion, so educators are given clarity over what it is that they need to do to drive their career aspirations.

Challenges that educators face regularly are numerous. However, Suraasa has put tremendous effort to curb these obstacles. From developing 1000+ high-impact teachers from 41+ nationalities globally to collaborating with more than 300 schools from India and abroad, Suraasa have made it their mission to assist educators to upskill and drive career growth. The aspect for additional development in the sector is impressive, which has renewed the interest of many EdTech platforms to help the teaching community to become successful - enhancing the general development of education everywhere.



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