Statiq and Zoomcar will promote EV travel throughout the nation

Statiq and Zoomcar will promote EV travel throughout the nation
EV-based travel in the nation will be accelerated through a cooperation between homegrown electric vehicle charging network firm Statiq and car-sharing marketplace Zoomcar. As part of the arrangement, Statiq will work with Zoomcar to make it possible for EV owners to host on Zoomcar and make extra money by renting out their space to visitors.
"The ecosystem for EV charging will receive the much-needed boost thanks to this collaboration. In addition, it will make EVs more popular among non-EV owners, promoting a culture of clean mobility in society "Co-founder and CEO of Statiq, Akshit Bansal, stated in a release.
According to the business, this deal will first only apply to the Delhi-NCR region before being extended over time to other cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. According to the firm, this would allow EV owners to list their vehicles as hosts on Zoomcar.
"We at Zoomcar work hard to be at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies that can influence the transportation sector. We're certain that this alliance will deliver a hassle-free EV-sharing experience to both our host and guest clients, "Zoomcar's CEO and co-founder Greg Moran made a statement.
The corporation also stated that this move is anticipated to promote and expedite growing EV use in the nation, even though Statiq supports this adoption with its easily available, reasonably priced, and dependable network of charging stations.