Startups, Now an Inevitable Factor in India's growth

Narayan – the Mediator:

As Durkheim noted, “Division of labor occurs in every society” because it is important and effective. Work needs to be segregated as four people cannot do the work of forty. This is a clear indication of the initial growth of the company – when you are hiring people.

 Here the Mediator plays a crucial part as he would be the one who keeps everyone wary of their position and role in the overarching structure. This strengthens the bonds in the organization as otherwise the employees will be a victim of, what Marx termed “alienation.”

Alienation can lead to a loss of enthusiasm, which can be dangerously infectious, employees leaving the company because they are not able to visualize their contribution to the entity which renders them to be nothing more than machines. This function is important for the company to work like a team so that they can increase and decrease their pace as and when required. An employee would feel much more comfortable in a company where he knows where he stands rather than one where he doesn’t.

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