Society Hinders The Growth Of Women Entrepreneurs: Report

Bangalore: Women play a vital role in the socio and economic development of a society. They play a productive role in selected positions contributing to various sectors. Thus, women entrepreneurship is considered to be an important tool in enabling women empowerment and emancipation. But, according to a recent report titled, ‘Giving Voice to Women Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia’, talks about the obstacles faced by women in entrepreneurial sector, as reported by GulfNews.

Saudi woman activist Hessa Al Shaikh, co-author of the report says, “This report differs from other existing reports in two ways: the way it was conducted and the conclusion that it is social obstacles more than economic factors that women face [in Saudi Arabia unlike in other societies].”

Hessa and Kelly Lavelle, writers of the report are the co-founding directors of Women’s entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), a non-profit organization that develops and works on projects that aim to enable positive change for women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North African regions.

The report was based on three workshops held in the Saudi capital of Riyadh between August 2011 and April 2012. The information was collected through “in-depth discussions”, “revisions with the participants” in the workshops and “questionnaires”.

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