Silicon City's first 'Robot Restaurant': Bengaluru Welcomes High-Tech Dining Experience

‘Robot Restaurants’ after its enormous success in Chennai & Coimbatore has now launched Bengaluru’s first restaurant where robots usher in and serve Indo Asian delicacies.

The restaurant is located in 100ft road, Indiranager. It spans 3700 sq ft to accommodate around 50 diners. The branch has a team of 6 robots, including an android usher robot and each table is equipped with tablet for placing orders.

The robots are programmed to work efficiently and the staffs have undergone training from the manufacturers to attend the machineries and address the issues over the course of operations. These smart machines with their artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms are very much interactive; they also sing wishes for special occasions.  

"Bengaluru already has a wide variety of culinary experiences and we are confident that the robots will be welcomed with open arms in the city," Robot Restaurant founder Venkatesh Rajendaran said.

He futher added, “Bengaluru has been a dream for us at Robot Restaurant and it’s a happy and proud day for the team to see our dream come true.”