Shomish, an Edtech startup from the far east is doing great and planning to grow very fast

Shomish, an Edtech startup from the far east is doing great and planning to grow very fast

Generally, we see that companies from mainland India do well when it comes to creating big businesses. But, this concept is old now. Presently, companies from North-Eastern states are also doing a great job in terms of creating innovative solutions and getting success from that. Such a company is Shomish Edtech Private Limited which is working in the space of Edtech.

It is being led by a dynamic leader named Susanta Shome who is known for his hard work and intelligence. Shomish is his brainchild which is spiced up with the addition of Shomish's Chief Academic Officer Tushish Kar who is having a massive amount of teaching experience.

Shomish is launched in 2022 and within a short period, it has received plenty of accolades. In this short period, they have come up with around 12 numbers of features in the app which shows their focus on the company. Not only that Shomish is going to cover almost 25 courses in the next 2 months. They are also gearing up to cover big states like West Bengal and Assam which would surely be a turning point for the company.

CEO of Shomish said that even though Shomish is called a startup, in reality, Shomish is working for many years in the background to make ready its content and getting the required experience. That is why Shomish is able to start things one after another. The only remaining thing about Shomish's service is to start the paid full courses. Technologically, all the things are done except a few advanced features. Paid full courses should be started from 1st January 2023. But all other things like Current Affairs, Mock-test, and Study Materials are already available along with plenty of free features which are being updated regularly.

When asked, Mr. Shome said that Shomish will surely get a big success soon. He mentioned the reason behind that. He said that students are really happy with all the free as well as paid services that are being provided. Lacuna in the services of Shomish was found at the beginning of the launch itself with the help of its beloved students. All those lacking are already solved and it is now getting ready with the video classes with the help of the best teachers. Mr. Shome gave an example of a student who had first purchased a Last-Minute-Suggestion at 699 and then purchased full study materials whose cost was around 4,000 INR. Not only that, he regularly purchases other things. These types of cases have given Shomish very good confidence about its future success.

When asked about the most important thing where Shomish is focusing now, he said that Shomish doesn't want to play with its quality of service. That is why it is taking time to start the paid video classes and that is where it is focusing now. Students must be benefited from Shomish's services. He also said jokingly that "please note that our existing contents are of high quality too; I just want to say that now Shomish is focusing highly on Video classes of the highest possible quality".

Shomish has also started working on academic and Entrance Test courses for a long time. It is gearing up to cover the whole of India in a few years.

Source: Press Release