Ramayana: The Epic of Entrepreneurial Lessons

Bangalore: Ramayana, the sacred book is read at most of the houses during the Dussehra and Diwali festival. This month is celebrated as Ramayana month and Ramleela is played in northern part of the country. The book describes the heroic efforts of Lord Rama to kill the evil demon Ravana. Though it is a religious book, it also teaches us management and leadership lessons. An entrepreneur can implement these lessons to see his startup grow as a successful enterprise.

10. Make sure you have a clear vision and cause

Ravana’s brother Vibhishan, who had come to Rama’s side questioned him, “How will you defeat this huge army with your limited resources?” The reply which Rama gave is the greatest lesson ever for a leader. He said, “You have to make sure you have a clear vision, and a cause worth fighting for.” In the case of Ramayana, Rama’s cause was to rescue his beloved Sita and the vision was to defeat the evil forces.