Playseum turns One! Celebrating a Fun-tastic First Year of Learning through Play in Mumbai!

Playseum turns One! Celebrating a Fun-tastic First Year of Learning through Play in Mumbai!
Time flies when you are having fun! That’s exactly what it feels like when it comes to the Playseum. A year ago, Mumbai witnessed the birth of a place where imagination soars and learning becomes a joyful adventure - Playseum, India's first children's museum built on the magic of experiential learning. It's been a whirlwind year of watching children blossom, exploring, and discovering the world through play, and the Playseum team is thrilled to celebrate this special milestone!
"It's truly heartwarming to see the spark of curiosity ignite in children's eyes as they explore Playseum," says Meera Sheth, the founder of Playseum. "When I envisioned this space, it stemmed from a desire to provide my own children with enriching experiences that went beyond traditional playgrounds. A year later, seeing countless families create lasting memories here fills me with immense joy."
Meera isn't just the founder; she's a passionate advocate for the power of play in a child's development. Her travel experiences around the world with her children fueled her dream of creating a space in India dedicated to interactive learning. "During our travels, I noticed a gap in India – a space like children's museums abroad, where learning happens organically through interactive play," she shares. 
Playseum has remarkably bridged that gap.  Over the past year, countless children have revelled in the museum's 14+ exhibits and 50+ activities. From role-playing at the "Store Stories" supermarket to conquering challenges at the "Ninjago Dojo Academy," Playseum offers a world of possibilities that nurture creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.
The various exhibits at Playseum allow the little ones to explore their curiosities and play an active part in their development- all under the guise of learning, playing and making new friends.  At PLayseum, children become engineers, designing, testing, and refining their very own roller coasters. It's a testament to Playseum's philosophy – learning disguised as fun!
As Playseum embarks on its second year, the team is brimming with excitement. "We're constantly innovating and adding new experiences to keep the spark alive," says Meera. "Our goal is to be a haven for curious minds, a place where children can learn, explore, and create unforgettable memories, one playful adventure at a time!"
Whether your child is a budding scientist, a passionate artist, or simply a curious explorer, Playseum offers a world of discovery waiting to be unveiled. So come celebrate with Playseum and witness the magic of learning through play!
Source: Press Release