Nykaa shares upsurges 30% & projects 25% progress on YoY basis

Nykaa shares upsurges 30% & projects 25% progress on YoY basis
Nykaa, a key personal care & beauty e-commerce brand whose shares are enlisted on the exchanges as FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd forecasts the revenue growth to be in the "high twenties" during the quarter of year-on-year basis, the company said in its business update on quarterly revenue. 
Intended for the quarter under review, Nykaa recorded growth in the "early thirties" in its GMV - Gross Merchandise Value. GMV is the gross value of goods & services sold via e-commerce platforms & calculated earlier to the reduction of any fees, expenses or taxes.
Also the company projects its Net Sales Value to rise in the excess of 25 percent on a year-on-year basis, nearly to its growth in revenue. NSV - Net Sales Value denotes the total sale of the business minus its revenue returns, payments, & discounts. 
Nykaa stated in a business update that sturdy consumer demand resulted in an increased volume growth supported by powerful offtake from the main categories such a Skin & makeup.
In the segment of personal care & beauty, the GMV of Nykaa is expected to grow nearly 30 percent year-on-year with NSV growth in the “mid-twenties”.  According to the company, this growth in NSV is forward of Industrial market growth. 
As per Nykaa, for fashion segment, industry growth remains low-key. But the GMV of Nykaa is projected to grow in the “high twenties” with NSV growth in the “mid-twenties”. 
In the December quarter, the net profit of Nykaa had increased into doubled on a basis of YoY with 22 percent rise in revenue returns compared to previous year. The earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) margin also lengthened to 5.5 percent from 5.3 percent last December. 
The shares of Nykaa have persisted flat on a year-to-date basis with the stock lessening 2.3 percent so far in the year 2024. Above the last 12 months, the shares of Nykaa have risen 30 percent.