Mumbai based Startup Indra Water Creates Disinfection System Vajra Kavach

Mumbai based Startup Indra Water Creates Disinfection System Vajra Kavach

The Mumbai-based startup ‘Indra Water' has created a ‘disinfection system,' aptly named the ‘Vajra Kavach,' to ensure the reuse of masks, PPE, and gloves.

The Vajra Kawach is an environmentally friendly alternative that can significantly reduce biomedical waste in the country without even the hassle of disposal.

The Vajra Kavach's UV disinfection system is elegant, user-friendly, and convenient. It just takes a few minutes to easily disinfect used PPE kits, masks & gloves of its viral load.

The Vajra Kavach has the ability to reduce viral load by a lakh-fold. In scientific terms, it has demonstrated a 5 log reduction in viruses and bacteria. (The term "log reduction" refers to the number of living microbes that are eliminated after a disinfection process.)

The system employs a multistage disinfection process that includes advanced oxidation, Covid discharge, and a UV-C light spectrum to effectively inactivate viruses, bacteria, and other microbial strains.

With the successful deployment of the disinfection system ‘Vajra Kavach' in hospitals, not only will the biomedical waste disposal problem be solved, but affordable PPE, masks, and gloves will be made available to all.

Behind this innovative breakthrough was a simple, yet powerful and cost-effective concept of reusing rather than disposing.

It was conceived during the nationwide lockdown in March 2020 to assist the country in fighting the pandemic, after recognising the high demand for PPE Kits and N-95 masks. As a result, our Corona Warriors were able to reuse their masks and PPEs thanks to a simple disinfection process.

Indra Water, a startup founded with a DST NIDHI-PRAYAS grant (via SINE-IIT Bombay) for water sector innovations, used the DST, Government of India's Center for Augmenting WAR with Covid-19 Health Crisis (CAWACH) grant to modify their technology to combat the Covid-19 infection.