Mental health startup Intellect partners with Asia's largest private healthcare group

Mental health startup Intellect partners with Asia's largest private healthcare group
IHH Healthcare, Asia's largest private healthcare organisation, Intellect, the Singapore-based mental health platform that currently serves over three million customers in 20 countries, is preparing for a new era of expansion. The creation and personalization of digital mental health programmes for IHH Healthcare's patients, business clients, and employees will be done in collaboration with Intellect.
IHH Healthcare contributed to the startup as well, albeit they did not disclose their contribution's dollar value. First strategic backer of Intellect is IHH Healthcare. Moreover, Y Combinator, Insignia Ventures, and Tiger Global have all supported it.
Markets served by Intellect, which was founded in 2019, today include Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong. The platform provides mental health screenings that may be completed online or in person at an Intellect clinic, as well as telehealth coaching, services like therapy or psychiatry. It also offers programmes based on self-directed cognitive behavioural therapy. Although Intellect has a consumer app, it primarily caters to enterprise clients who provide their platform to their staff as a wellness benefit.
Theodoric Chew, the CEO and founder of Intellect, told TechCrunch that the company has been in contact with IHH Healthcare for some time because of its position as a market leader and that it began looking into cooperation prospects during the past year. One objective is to provide a wider continuum of care across the regions that the organisations cover, from prevention to specialist care. IHH Healthcare and Intellect, according to Chew, will prioritise APAC initially, but also other areas.
IHH Healthcare has so far worked with Intellect on a pilot project with maternity patients at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. IHH Healthcare also wants to make the platform available to corporate clients of IHH Singapore's iXchange as well as IHH's staff.
One in every four people have mental health problems, according to a statement from Ashok Pandit, chief strategy and business development officer at IHH Healthcare group. To accelerate their growth and improve access to millions more individuals who need support, care, or treatment, we are happy to invest in Intellect, the global leader in this quickly expanding area.