Manufacturing Unicorn Zetwerk instills 1000crore for Electronics products

Manufacturing Unicorn Zetwerk instills Rs. 1000crore for Electronics products
Zetwerk plans to extend its capacity from 16 sequential electronic construction systems in a single manufacturing plant at Noida, in Uttar Pradesh to 60 assembly lines (including surface-mount innovation lines and PCB assembly) across six manufacturing units.
Zetwerk, a manufacturing unicorn said it has reserved 1,000-crore venture for growing its electronic manufacturing limit across IT equipment, TV, cell phones, hearable and wearable item section. 
In an official statement, Zetwerk says, "The Company is now producing one device a second from its factories. It has ear earmarked Rs 1,000 crore investments to grow its Electronics business,”
The organization means to be the main ODM – original Design manufacturer and hardware manufacturing supplier in the cell phones, hearable and wearable space
Esteemed at USD 2.8 billion, about 23,300 crore, Zetwerk posted functional income of around 11,450 crore in monetary year 2023. The organization is assembling high limit with respect to PC gadgets in Bangalore office will zero in on manufacturing motherboards, work area PC power supplies, and other electronic parts for major global partnerships and Original equipment manufacturers - OEMs.
Speaking to this, Zetwerk Electronics President Josh Foulger says, “Zetwerk views India’s electronics manufacturing sector as experiencing a transformative shift, akin to a Y2K moment, that will propel the nation towards a flourishing ‘Viksit Bharat’ (developed India). Through this significant capacity expansion, we aim to act as the ‘teen powerhouse’ of Viksit Bharat”.