'It is possible to convert Water from Air', says Swapnil Srivastav, CEO of Uravu Lab

'It is possible to convert Water from Air', says Swapnil Srivastav, CEO of Uravu Lab
When the water scarcity in Bengaluru is at its peak, at the same time a Bengaluru based startup Uravu Lab has come up with a unique method of producing water from air. The CEO and Co-founder of Uravu Labs, Swapnil Srivastav has unveiled the methods and ways behind such cutting-edge ground breaking technologies and also he highlighted the company’s ambitious futuristic goals.
Swapnil expressed in delight, “Uravu’s core technology extracts water from air using a unique process inspired by desiccant materials. We utilize these materials to absorb moisture from the ambient air, which is then heated to release the captured vapour. This vapour is condensed into pure drinking water through a series of controlled heating and cooling processes.”
Commenting on the deadly water crisis in Bengaluru, he told that, their company’s unique method has the power to challenge such adverse situations with an ease. He also told that, in regions like India, where the demand of water far exceeds the supply of water, innovative solutions like Uravu’s technology are imperative for ensuring water security. 
Expressing about the mission of the company he told that the company is based on eco-friendly practices. He also added, “We don’t use plastic bottles, we exclusively utilize glass packaging. Our innovative reverse logistics model ensures that all glass bottles are returned to us for cleaning, refilling, and reuse. This model mirrors the system employed by beverage giants like Coke or Pepsi two decades ago.”
Commenting about the technology he said, water is created through a two-phase mechanism, starting with adsorption. During this phase, moisture from the ambient air is drawn into the system and passed over a desiccant material. Over a span of a couple of hours, this moisture is absorbed by the desiccant material. In the second phase of desorption, previously adsorbed moisture is released using thermal heat at temperatures below 90°C from solar radiation. Then the desiccant material condensed at ambient temperature in an air-cooled condenser, as 100 per cent renewable water.
Uravu’s ultimate objective is to make its air-to-water technology affordable enough to be feasible for a wide range of drinking water applications in households and rural settlements. Prsently the company is rying hard to reduce the cost of water at lease 0.50/litre keeping in mind the acute water crisis by using top-notch yet sustainable approaches.