InterpretOmics Raises 10 Crores In Angel Investment

Bangalore: InterpretOmnics, a big data analytics startup has raised 10 crores in angel investment from Singapore's information technology and shipping company - Amarante, MP Somaprasad and two other Indian investors. It plans to utilize the procured funds to improve its R&D operations and also to enhance its marketing activities, reports ET.

Prahalad H. Achutharao and Asoke Talukder founded InterpretOmnics in 2009. It specializes on bioinformatics contract research organization with a specialization in genome-scale data analysis and interpretation services for advancing healthcare, agriculture and energy.

iomics, the startup’s flagship product is the country’s first enterprise class genomics data analysis platform that addresses the full spectrum of Next Generation Sequencing data challenges. InterpretOmnics uses data analytics to sift through complex genomics data for insights on human disease, crop disease and drug response. InterpretOmnics services include analysis and interpretation of whole genome, transcriptome, exome, metagenome, epigenome and proteome data.

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