Indian Startups That Join 1,000-Crore Club

BANGALORE: It is said, “if one is smart enough to know where to dig, gold can be found; so it is with business that if one knows the secrets of internet then success is a sure thing”. This is the secret to E-commerce business entrepreneurs who have combined technical skills with management to launch some of the most highly profitable e-commerce companies in the world. “The world is at your finger tips”, is a popular phrase that has been the inspiration of many young talents who have understood the meaning and exploited it. Some major e-commerce businesses in recent years have reached the 1000 crore club.

OLAcabs: The car rental and cab service online company was started by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. They both have degrees from the top colleges in India and came up with the idea for cheap but efficient cab service.

They are based in Mumbai but have partners in Bangalore and Delhi. They do not own their fleet of cabs but have smaller investors in the cities. They recently joined the 1000 crore club of all e-commerce companies. They have a funding of $66 million.

Quikr: The e-commerce business portal was founded by Pranay Chulet, back in 2008. He had worked with many companies before realizing his dreams and ventured into e-commerce business.

Quikr is an online portal to buy, sell, rent and find things. The company also reached the 1000 crores club of e-commerce businesses. Quikr is currently present in 900 cities in India. It is worth $1.6 billion.

BookMyShow: The online entertainment booking portal has grown over the last 12 years. This company was started by three friends who got the idea while on a trip to South Africa. The visionaries were Ashish, Parikshit and Rajesh.

This portal gives access to any entertainment that allows you to avoid long queues and book online with just a click. The online entertainment giant is worth $5.7 million. They are also the success story of e-commerce business that has shaped the startup world for new entrepreneurs, while also reaching the 1000 crore club.  The online restaurant guide gives information on home delivery, cafes, new places to dine out, in India, Europe and some Latin American countries. The company was started by Deepinder Goyal back in 2008.

This business has grown reaching across the world for better convenience for peaceful information on fine dines. This e-commerce business is worth $5.3 million. This business has reached the 1000 club for all e-commerce businesses.

These are just the few companies that made it big in the last few years and that are growing with incredible speed. They are the inspiration for many startups in the city and around the world. the world is going frenzy over startups and these companies have paved the way for not just startups but Million dollar worth e-commerce companies.

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