India Among The Worst Countries For Female Entrepreneurs

Bangalore: If you think India witnessed a fair growth in women entrepreneurs, this might shock you. Earlier this week, computer giant Dell and Washington based consulting firm, Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI), announced the results of a survey based on gender-focused global entrepreneurship. As per the survey, India is one of the worst performing countries in terms of women entrepreneurship, reports ET.

The survey is based on 30 indicators, it reveals that out of 17 countries for female entrepreneurs, India ranks 16, just above Uganda, and countries like Morocco and Egypt have outclassed India. USA tops the chart leaving behind Australia at number 2 and U.K. at sixth.

According to Karen Quintos, senior vice-president at Dell, "The research clearly supports the assertion that key things need to be fixed in order for female entrepreneurship to survive and flourish," she also added that, "Increased access to knowledge, networks, capital and technology are critical if countries are to empower female entrepreneurship and create a culture of success."

Access to finance is another barrier for many women, despite India's high economic growth in past decade; it is recorded that only 26percent women have bank accounts. In Germany and Australia the access to banking is almost 100 percent.

Other interesting insights from the survey reveals that, over 50percent of Indian men and women surveyed thought men make better business executives than women and only 13percent of women managers exists in India. In terms of Venture capitalists in India only 9percent of them are women as compared to 19percent in U.S.

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