IE20: Winners List

BENGALURU: The start-up trend in India is growing exceptionally and the budding has grabbed the international attention. Recently, the India Emerging 20 was held at London and a winners list of 20 candidates was released. The finalists were picked from the top start-ups from the 2000s to encourage the Indians owned companies and introduce them on the international stage. So here goes the list of 20 successful start-ups.


Adadyn is an international advertising technology platform, founded by Kiran Gopinnath in 2006. The company aims to breakthrough into the programmatic advertising and reducing the complexity of the marketing technology ecosystem.


Kyyzoonga was founded in 2007 and today it is India’s biggest online portal to book sports tickets. The Company has entered into entertainment industry as well. The kyazoonga team successfully managed to issue tickets for ICC World Cup 2011 and FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.


OSSCube is an industry solution caterer based on the open source technologies. The company was founded by Lavanya Rastogi, Vineet Agrawal and Sonali Minocha and launched in 2006. As of 2015 reports, it is one of the 100 greatest places to work in India.


Seclore offers an innovative solution, FileSecure, which enables organizations to control usage of information wherever it goes, both within and outside of the organization’s boundaries. Vishal Gupta, the current CEO is also the founder of the company who was accompanied by Abhijit Tannu Founder and CTO.


Techfront is one of the leading technology infrastructure provider sports Entertainment & Media. The core work of the company involves Design, Development & Management of LED Digital Solutions for the respective industries. The company is Chennai based and severs on global platforms as well.

Curadev Pharma

Curadev Pharma Private Limited was established in 2010 by a team of professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors with intentions to boost the quality of human life by speeding up the discovery and delivery of new drugs.

LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics is one of the major and rapidly growing data analytics firms, founded in 2006. Some of the solutions and the products offered by the company are actionable insights from digital data, which helps create brands, products and services that engage with consumers, across touch points.


Perpetuuiti is a global venture software products company determined on creating software products that helps its customers increase output and competence in the course of Automation for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments.


To disrupt the field of advertisement analytics, Mudit Seth, Alex Modon, Hitesh Chawla set up SilverPush in 2012. SilverPush is a leading Cross-device Mapping platform that unifies data points from the billions of digital devices around the globe and associates it with people.

Telerad Tech

To exploit the gap and the need of Healthcare IT in general, and radiology automation systems in particular, the Telerad Tech was established by a group of technology innovators and radiologists.

Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds enables Digital Transformation for enterprises and technology providers by offering flawless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies. The company is Bangalore based and operates in 16 countries around the world.


Visualization of MoEngage is to facilitate Internet companies with personalised interaction with every user in an exclusive method, based on their identity and their profession. The company was setup by Ravitej Dodda and Yashwanth Kumar in 2014.


Pervazive is a machine intelligence company for networks. Our full-stack platform includes patented machine intelligence, patented big data streaming analytics and patent-pending data connectors. This powerful platform provides instant insights that continuously learns and constantly evolves with ever-changing data. The company was founded by Avinash Ambale, who now serves as the CEO.

Stelae Technologies

Stelae Technologies is an enterprise software company that aims to deliver automated conversion solutions, which converts shapeless information into prearranged content for indexing.


Uniken caters distributed digital trust platform, REL-ID, which delivers trusted digital connections between an enterprise and its customers, partners & employees. The company aim to provide a trust model that can rapidly and securely connect things with things.

Indix Internet

Indix is building the world’s first Product Information Marketplace, the world’s largest collection of structured product information. The firm was founded by Sanjay Parthasarathy, who is also the CEO of the company.

Nanobi data

Nanobi Analytics is a software product company based in Bangalore, whose motto is to do businesses with products and analytic solutions using current-day technology, its data products are cloud inspired business intelligence platforms.


RateGain was established in 2004; today the firm has 12,000 clients around the globe, largely from the tourism sector. The company’s cloud based software helps its clients with rate intelligence, price optimization, seamless electronic distribution and brand engagement.


Teabox is online portal where all the popular tea flavours from various regions of the country and Nepal is sold. Initially it was set up to sell the tea leaves from Darjeeling, as the demand for other flavours also increased, the Teabox team added Assam Nepal, Nilgiris, North-East and Kangra tea leaves to its product list.


Uniphore is a Chennai based firm that capitalizes a natural speech to create highly sophisticated service delivery platforms that promise premium consumer service. Umesh Sachdev is the CEO of the company who co-founded it in 2008.

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