Hail Your Autorickshaw With mGaadi

Bangalore: Is it a hassle to get an autorickshaw to reach your destination? Do you have to argue with rude auto drivers everyday about overcharging? Do you get charged “double-the-meter” even if it is just 8p.m.?

Now, let’s hear the other side of the story: that of the autodrivers. Most of the autodrivers do not own an auto and rent it for 200 to 250 per day, fuel costs around 250 to 300 and an autodriver makes an average of 800 a day leaving them with just 300 after a hard and tiring day. 

mGaadi is here for the rescue of the commuters and for the autorickshaws drivers alike in Bangalore .

The mGaadi is a free Android application which you can download on your smartphone. Once it is downloaded, you can use it to book an auto, rate the auto drivers which will help them in earning incentives from mGaadi, and to track the autos. Once an auto driver, who is within a kilometer of where you are, receives an alert or a message for a trip they will reach you in no time to ply you to your destination. The customer is charged 10 extra to be picked up from their respective location. The updated version of the Android application is expected to deal with safety issues, real-time sharing of trips with friends and family (on the app) and a GPS-enabled fare calculator.

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