Google Chooses Three Indian Tech Startups

Bangalore: The mighty internet giant ‘Google’ has picked three Indian technology startups as vendors for an initiative, which it launched to help local businesses build a mobile interface. Mobstac, Neuron Mediatech and Srishti technet are the companies partnering with Google on this venture which is happening for the first time in its kind as reported by economic


Founders: Sharat Potharajuv and Ravi Pratap M

Founded: June 2009

Headquarters: Bangalore

MobStac accelerates the availability of internet content on any mobile device by accelerating the accessibility of mobile internet content. This company was founded in June 2009 by Sharat Potharajuv and Ravi Pratap M and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. "There are hundreds of thousands of publishers who use Google Ad Sense to monetize their websites. We expect at least 50,000 of these users to sign up for our product," said Sharat Potharajuv

Shekhar Kirani, Partner at Accel Partners, an investor in MobStac said "As more high quality content comes onto mobile devices, more advertisers will advertise on mobile."