Get Acquainted With Top 6 B2B IoT Startups In India

BANGALORE: Internet Of Things (IoT) is the latest installment for discussion among Indians and while Entrepreneurs (in this space) are making headlines daily, VC firms are splurging bags of money to take this space to new levels.

Entrepreneurs are vouching on the consumerism growth as millions of Indian households are making the switch in connecting electronic devices to the Internet via smart devices.

Likewise other set ups are going big on wearable devices, like smart watches and haptic shoes. while several other smart entrepreneurs are incorporating Big Data analytics with IoT in giving  predictive solutions like oil and gas, and mining, reports E27.

Here is a compiled list of IoT companies that are targeting B2B vertical:

Convacsis Technologies

Convacsis conceptualises, is a Mumbai-based startup that designs and tools an intellectual plant framework (IPF). It aids manufacturing industries and permits the management to make right decision at the right time. IPF takes in all the micro invents in all locations on the plant floor and molds them into applicable business key performance indicators (KPIs).Despite the make and model of the machine, IPF can obtain data from any appliance installed on the shop floor. In addition, it can offer a real time view of cost, quality and productivity.

The company is backed by Reliance, Cisco and Blume Ventures.

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