From Food lovers to Pet lovers, now Swiggy Unveils 'Pawlice' to rescue lost pets

From Food lovers to Pet lovers, now Swiggy Unveils 'Pawlice' to rescue lost pets
The popular food delivery platform, Swiggy, carried out another element on its application pointed toward helping pet parents in tracking down their missing pets. 
The feature, named “Swiggy Pawlice,” permits clients to report a lost pet directly through the Swiggy application. 
This comes a day after the Public Pet Day, on April 11, when the food-delivery platform sent off the Swiggy Paw-ternity policy for workers under which all full-time staff members are or need to become pet guardians will actually want to avail a couple of extra leaves.
“Swiggy acknowledges the importance of every reunion and celebrates the efforts of delivery partners who go above and beyond to reunite pets with their parents. These partners receive rewards as tokens of appreciation”, Swiggy stated.
Expressing on this new feature launch, Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy  said, “As a pet parent myself, I understand firsthand the worry and anguish that accompanies the thought of a pet going missing. While I sincerely hope that such a distressing event never occurs to any fellow pet parent, if it does, Swiggy Pawlice stands ready to be a dependable resource to assist them.”
Similarly, General Manager at Tata Trusts, House of the Chairman, Shantanu Naidu, said, “For a business like Swiggy to lead by example and take responsibility is exactly what we need to see in today’s world”.
 As per Swiggy, the pet parents can report their missing pets directly through the Swiggy application by giving every single vital detail & pictures. 
The feature “Swiggy Pawlice” uses Swiggy’s extensive network of over 3.5 lakh delivery partners, who can aid search endeavors while out on delivery operations. 
Once the delivery partners detects a missing pet, they can report it to a devoted group at Swiggy, who will then & at that point, share the data with the pet person.