Food Tech Companies Reach the Foodies with Cook-It-Yourself Kits

BANGALORE: Indian food tech companies have hit the spotlight in garnering interest of investors. Startups specializing in food tech are the hot talk in the sector. These startups have come with yet another innovative way to urban households with some cook-it-yourself kits that lets food connoisseurs to cook their food their way, reports ET.

The booming food industry witnessed the emergence of companies like Chefkraft, Chef Sutra, InnerChef, CookBoxes, Cook Gourmet, ForMyBelly and Being Chef in less than a year and reportedly 16 similar companies are presently operating in the nation.

These institutionally-funded companies are picking up fame among gastronomes workers who love to cook for their families and friends.

These companies deal in meal kits that come with recipes of a wide range of cuisines. The kits require 15-20 minutes on an average for cooking and pocket pinch range is within 100-800 per kit.

Kanwal Singh, founder of Fireside Ventures, said, "The key driver for this segment is the consumer's desire to be involved in the actual preparation of food but avoid the drudgery of preparation involved in cutting and chopping, etc. In addition, there's the excitement of making exotic, non-everyday food and serving it."

Le Cordon Bleu chef Xerxes B. along with two friends started his venture Chefkraft in Bengaluru which offers meal kits for 4 courses- mains, appetizers, salads and casual dining (less intricate, faster and easier to cook). A majority of the menu serves pan-Asian cuisine. "We have an inventory of 35 items at a time and refresh it with two-three items every 10 days," said Xerxes.

The surge of food delivery and online grocery startups has paved way for these cook-it-yourself kit delivery companies. 

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