Entrepreneurial Lessons from Gandhiji

Bangalore: An entrepreneur, as a leader has to inspire the people around him to push themselves and the company to greatness. And to get this done, he must show them the way by doing it himself. The approach of a leader should not be “Do as I say”, instead it should be “Do as I do”. An entrepreneur is the leader of a team which makes him a role model.

Looking back into time, you can find great success stories which can all be credited to the leadership wisdoms of the leader. The greatest example being that of Mahatma Gandhi, who alone took the responsibility of the nation and with his principles of non-violence, truth, and justice helped propel India to her independence in 1947. He did what he claimed or asked others to do. This remains one of the finest qualities of an entrepreneur. By all means, he was an entrepreneur.

Read on to know what lessons entrepreneurs can learn from him: