Eight Fold Path Principles In Entrepreneurship You Must Know

Right Intention: The intention behind any deed is the ‘will’ to perform the action, with an energy that controls our actions. Prince Siddhartha had everything in his life, but he felt that all the worldly pleasures around him were impermanent and he took the step of renunciation. Similarly when you have so many lesser risk options to survive in the world, why to choose entrepreneurial journey? Question yourself and seek an answer. Whether you are launching a new product/ service; take time, think and decide. Until then don’t take a step forward.

Right Speech: Speech is more like a moral conduct while interacting with a bunch of few, in the society. Speech is very important in Buddhist principles, because a word when spoken might lead to saving lives or bringing lives together, creating friends or dissolving the relationship as enemies.

Right usage of words about your product is very important. When you search for the tools of communication; be careful about the content.  Marketing a product is important because, it may create a hit or a miss in the market of your product.

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