Deloitte India Collaborates with AWS to Boost Generative Artificial Intelligence Innovations

Deloitte India Collaborates with AWS to Boost Generative Artificial Intelligence Innovations
Deloitte India has unveiled a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further develop generative Artificial Intelligence (generative AI) solutions for Indian enterprises. This collaboration aims to assist businesses in sectors such as financial services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and automotive in tackling challenges through technology-driven innovations.
Working alongside AWS, Deloitte India’s long-term objective is to expand its generative AI practice, helping companies implement and gain value from enhanced innovation and growth. The partnership will enable clients to explore and experiment with AWS generative AI technologies, aiming to solve issues like complex data analysis, language barriers, and delays caused by manual processes.
By leveraging AWS’s technology and Deloitte’s AI expertise, customers will be equipped to analyze extensive data volumes using foundational models, ultimately creating and scaling secure, cost-effective generative AI solutions. Over the next six months, Deloitte plans to deliver client solutions built on AWS Cloud using AWS generative AI technologies, including Amazon Bedrock.
These Proof Of Concepts (POC) will encompass use cases like semantic text exploration, content creation, image recognition, and code generation, combining technical assessments to demonstrate the business value of generative AI solutions. Prashanth Kaddi, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India, expressed confidence in delivering impactful outcomes through this collaboration, addressing real-world challenges for their joint customers.
Anupam Mishra, Head of Technology and Solution Architecture for India and South Asia at AWS, highlighted the potential of this collaboration to advance generative AI innovation and make it accessible to various industries, democratizing the technology for practical applications. Deloitte India remains dedicated to the safe and responsible use of AI, incorporating its trustworthy AI framework to establish crucial safeguards and address ethical considerations throughout product development and operation phases.