Bounce Infinity Joins Clean Electric & invents 1st liquid-cooled battery for EV bike

Bounce Infinity Joins Clean Electric & invents 1st  liquid-cooled battery for EV bike

Renowned Electric Vehicle maker Bounce Infinity has recently introduced their first portable liquid-cooled battery for electric scooters, marking a pivotal advancement in the EV sector. The company has innovated this unique product in collaboration with Clean Electric.

The startup said the technology sets a new benchmark in electric vehicle performance by delivering extended range, rapid charging capabilities, and an enhanced battery lifespan. The new product was placed in the Bounce Infinity E1 model, which is famous for offering a real-world range of over 100 kilometres and at an affordable price of 99,210.

This innovative battery technology will remove the need for fixed charging points by enabling fast charging capabilities up to 80% within just 50 minutes. This fast charging can be done by using portable chargers compatible with standard household sockets. The liquid-cooled battery has diverse features  with its 2.5 KWh energy capacity, delivering an impressive range of 112-120km on a single charge. A fire-retardant liquid for heat absorption was used, to reduce the risk of overheating.

 The CEO & Co-Founder of Bounce Infinity, Vivekananda Hallekere said, "This launch marks a pivotal moment for Bounce Infinity and the Indian EV landscape. At Bounce Infinity, it is our constant endeavour to break down barriers to EV adoption and improve charging infrastructure. Our liquid-cooled batteries are portable and can be conveniently charged at any standard 5 amp socket and fast charged at 15 Amp sockets found in every household, just like the ones used for appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. This, combined with fast charging, affordability, and sustainability, empowers individuals to embrace EVs and experience the freedom of electric mobility.”

The CEO & co-founder of Clean Electric, Akash Gupta said, “We are excited with the collaboration with Bounce Infinity to launch world first active liquid-cooled electric scooter with the convenience of a portable battery to set the global benchmark for the safe electric scooter,” said At Clean Electric, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation in battery technology to enable long-range, rapid charging EVs with un-matched battery safety to power the EV revolution by developing battery technology ground up specifically designed for the harsh operating conditions in India.”

Bounce Infinity and Clean Electric are also developing the Long Range e1++ model to double the range with a secondary battery and compatibility with universal Type 6 Public DC charging standards, which is expected to be unveiled within the year.