Bengaluru GAFX 2024 Fostering Growth & Opportunities in Karnataka

Bengaluru GAFX 2024 Fostering Growth & Opportunities in Karnataka

The three-day Bengaluru GAFX 2024, organized by the Ministry of IT & Bt, Karnataka, and ABAI at the Lalit Ashok, concluded today, marking a resounding success. Themed 'Augmented Intelligence: Powering AVGC,' the event served as a unifying force, bringing together the Animation, Visual Effects, Games & Comics (AVGC) industry for a collaborative knowledge exchange. The overwhelming response included enthusiastic participation from diverse backgrounds, including tech professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials, and students.

Delivering the special address at the valedictory function of the fifth edition of Bengaluru GAFX, Shri Priyank Kharge, Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and Information Technology & Biotechnology said “GAFX has been an active global platform enabling local talent to interact with global players and also define Karnataka as the leader in AVGC-XR intellectual property creation.”

He further added, “Year after year, Bengaluru GAFX spells out our dedication to becoming a global skilling hub and position Karnataka as the world's top professional destination for creativity and technological advancement. It was also announced that creativity as a skill will be considered in Karnataka’s education policy. Additionally, a Centre of Excellence dedicated to gaming will be announced in the state as a state-of-the-art facility to offer further impetus to the sector.”

Furthermore, today, Shri Priyank Kharge, the Honorable Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, as well as Information Technology & Biotechnology, officially launched the Karnataka AVGC-XR 3.0 Policy. This policy outlines a strategic direction for fostering the growth of creative talent, enhancing educational opportunities, and driving economic development within the state, aiming for global recognition.

The Bengaluru GAFX 2024 has been a global standout, engaging participants from 10 countries in 120 sessions with insights from 200 speakers. The event garnered over 12,000+ attendees, involving 300+ individuals across all five categories, and awarded a total of INR 10 Lakhs. The Bengaluru B2B Forum 2024 featured 19 buyers from 5 countries, 42 pitches, and facilitated 174 business interactions, resulting in the signing of 53 Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs).

Throughout the conference, groundbreaking technologies, and products were unveiled, promising to reshape the AVGC industry and societies. Industry veterans and thought leaders, including winners of prestigious awards such as Oscars, British Arrows, VES Awards, Cannes Golds, and esteemed Indian accolades actively participated, emphasizing the transformative potential of technological advancements. Bengaluru GAFX stands out as a unique event in the AVGC industry, facilitating the convergence of Indian and international synergy. Both international and Indian studios, along with industry veterans, presented some of the largest and most critically acclaimed titles during the event.

The 5th edition of Bengaluru GAFX, concluding successfully, stands as a testament to the thriving AVGC industry in India, underscoring Karnataka's pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. As the event wrapped up, the dates for the 6th edition of Bengaluru GAFX 2025 were announced from February 26th to 28th.