Bambrew plans to invest entire Funding on Business & Product Growth

Bambrew plans to invest entire Funding on Business & Product Growth

Last week, a cleantech startup Bambrew, which is focusing on sustainable packaging secured a total of 60 crore (around $7 million) through a combination of debt and equity in its series A funding round, with Blume Ventures taking the lead.

The Founder of Bambrew, Vaibhav Anant, in an exclusive media interview stated that, the raised fund will be infused in company’s strategic expansion. Bambrew wants to diversify its offerings into primary packaging for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Food & Beverage (F&B) product categories. Also the fund will assist in Bambrew's geographical expansion initiatives, particularly targeting key markets in the United States and Europe, alongside its existing presence in Dubai, the Middle East, and North America.

Anant stated that, "We are looking to expand globally. We have already put our foot forward into Dubai, the Middle East, and North America region. We are looking forward to expanding to the US and also in the European region per se."

The series A funding round saw notable participation of renowned investors such as Blue Ashva Capital, Mumbai Angels, Indus Capital, along with several other angel investors. The company was established in 2018, with a mission to combat against the environmental pollution.

Bambrew has shown excellence in making ecofriendly products using bamboo, sugarcane, and seaweed. The startup proudly claims to have prevented over 60,000 tonnes of single-use plastic consumption, translating to a reduction of more than 1,25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The cleantech startup Bambrew distinguishes itself by offering groundbreaking alternatives to traditional single-use plastics in packaging. Leveraging soil biodegradable, home compostable, and industrial compostable materials, the company provides eco-friendly solutions that mitigate the environmental impact associated with conventional packaging practices. The company has already worked with famous industry leaders like Amazon, Nykaa, MyGlamm, Bata, Snitch, Harris Brushes, and Mahindra.

Commenting on the company’s growth trajectory Vaibhav Anant said, "In 2018, we started with 10 lakh of business per year, and now we do more than 50 crore per year. In the current financial year (FY25), we are looking to reach 150 crore of revenue."