Artificial Intelligence Now A Hot Favourite Among Indian Startups


What is innovation, if it is not implied in education?  On this note, several startups from Bangalore are radically shifting their focus towards artificial intelligence targeting the education sector in India. Startups like, eDreams Edusoft and PrazAs are quickly attracting attention of the people through their innovation. While Edusoft provides personal tutoring for over 1,400 children, PrazAs has developed adaptive learning software that alerts the tutor when a student is stuck.


Humans wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for cultivation and agriculture and what have really done to help that sector? Nothing really! Gramener, a startup from Hyderabad has been involved in helping and uplifting ‘chicken farming’. It analyses data provided by its biggest client, Suguna Chicken and provides recommendations about the farming methods and practices that include the amount of sunlight required for the birds to stay healthy, the types of feed to be given etc.

IT Services

Technology has no limits and it is with this notion that a Bangalore based startup; IPsoft is exploring heights of innovation in artificial intelligence. With its technology, developed by an Indian origin mathematician, Chetan Dube, it is solving the stereotype style of computer functioning. It has created a humanoid called Eliza which can have natural conversations with users and solve problems in a few seconds.

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