Apple Collaborates with Google's Gemini to Generate AI features in iPhones

Apple Collaborates with Google's Gemini to Generate AI features in iPhones

Recently the iPhone maker Brand Apple is hitting the headlines for introducing Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) engine into the iPhone. Very Recently, Apple also held discussions with the Microsoft -backed OpenAI and has considered using its model.

Apple and Google are in deep discussion to let the iPhone maker license Gemini to power some new features in the iPhone’s software system.

Apple is basically looking to partner on cloud based cloud-based generative AI with today’s report citing text and image generation as examples of what Gemini could be used for. At the same time, Apple is providing own on-device AI models and capabilities with the upcoming iOS 18 release.

The discussions are still on process, and Apple is preparing new capabilities as part of its upcoming iPhone iOS 18 which is based on its own homegrown AI models, and additionally it is looking for including functions for creating images and writing essays based on simple prompts.

On the other hand, Google has announced a partnership with Samsung to have Gemini power summarization features in the Galaxy S24’s notes and voice recording apps, as well as keyboard. Samsung is already using Imagen 2, which is text-to-image diffusion for a generative editing feature in the photo gallery app. Those features all require server-side processing, but Samsung is also using an on-device version of Gemini.

None of the CEOs have decided about the branding, and haven’t finalized how they will implement this. After adding the feature, they will launch new product by June when Apple plans to hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company plans to disclose later this year more about its plans to put generative AI to use, adding that the company is investing “significantly” in the area. Very slowly, Apple is utilizing and implementing generative AI which can generate  human-like responses to written prompts, in comparison to its market competitors Google and Microsoft which have successfully implanted these top-notch technologies in their products.