Agritech Startup, AgriBazaar looks beyond the e-mandi to further its agritech push

Agritech Startup, AgriBazaar looks beyond the e-mandi to further its agritech push

AgriBazaar, an agriculture technology startup, is moving beyond a pureplay marketplace and heading into agri-advisory, crop identification and estimation, its co-founder has said.

“We’re a full stack platform for agri-businesses, and as far as new tech developments at AgriBazaar are concerned, every week we add new features on our app to provide value and better customer convenience,” Amith Agarwal, who is also the chief executive of the company. He further added, “We are providing advice to farmers and connecting them to the market.”

“The rains are very late nowadays, so the sowing pattern has changed,” Agarwal said.

“It is a completely unorganised, untapped sector,” he said. “Today, so many people are involved in agriculture, but there is no technological intervention in the sector. The internet is now everywhere and that’s the biggest strength that is leading to innovation in agricultural sectors. So a number of players are coming and they’re providing better tech solutions to farmers to increase their profitability and productivity.”

AgriBazaar delivers future-ready, tech-enabled solutions to the farming community. The bootstrapped, full-stack agritech startup has replicated the physical mandi as an e-mandi.

The company has more than 35,000 users, buyers and processors on the platform and services seven lakh farmers. The goal is to reach at least 30 lakh farmers in the next 24 months through an aggressive customer acquisition strategy, Agarwal said. AgriBazaar’s gross transaction value has risen by nearly 400 per cent compared to a year ago, Agarwal said.

“Last year, we added about 100 people, and we will be hiring about 100-150 people more by the end of this financial year,” Agarwal said. “The biggest innovation is having a marketplace and getting farmers on board. Initially, it was a challenge, but now it’s no more challenging. Winning their trust, and execution and trade on the platform through a  digital mandi in itself is a big innovation at this moment.”