Waycool Foods launches Outgrow to Revolutionize Farming in India

Waycool Foods launches Outgrow to Revolutionize Farming in India

Waycool Foods & Products Pvt ltd - a food development and distribution platform, launches a unique farmer engaging program named Outgrow. Through this high-potential program, Waycool aims to transform the livelihood of small hold farmers by solving the problem they face during cultivation.

Outgrow facilitates small hold farmers with several benefits such as better crop planning, improved product quality & productivity, lower cultivation cost, assured returns, and fair pricing. The program not only informs the farmer about how much to harvest, but it works with him  - right from the seed level to the harvest. It has already benefited the farmers with substantial increase in both yield and product quality, having a direct impact on the bottom line.

Sanjay Dasari, Co-Founder, WayCool Foods Says, "We source our fresh produce from a base of 35,000 small-hold farmer already and have conducted years of research to understand their individual farming profits and losses and the challenges they face. These include low productivity due to input usage, information asymmetry, and limited market access during cultivation,"

In the pilot stage, the program is launched in six regions across three states, spreading over 61 acres of land and producing mission critical crops such as onion, mint, coriander, potato, cauliflower, okra and watermelon. The regions covered include Hindoli in Maharastra, Sadali and Hoskote regions in Karnataka, and Shoolagiri, Thindivanam and Rasipuram in Tamilnadu.

 Sendhil Kumar, head of Outgrow program states “The Outgrow program drives the adoption of agriculture as a business to drive productivity and profitability using information flow, technology, and analysis of industry best practices. We hope this becomes the next revolution in Indian Agriculture and our program Outgrow aims at guiding and supporting farmers to achieve this.”

Waycool was founded in 2015 by Sanjay Dasari and Karthick Jayaraman, leveraging innovation & technology to scale up and operate the complex supply chain. It currently servers 5000 clients, who produce 200 ton of food products everyday.