Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs India saw in 2012

This Indian entrepreneur has had the nerve to bring about a revolution in the web development sector. He employs a team of designers, developers and market strategists working for Rockstah Media from around the world.

Successful Indian Entrepreneurs Who Busted Startup Myths

3. Deepak Ravindran

Deepak is 24 year old innovator from Kerela. Deepak and his three friends decided to quit their college and start a company based on a simple idea. To deliver the power of the Internet to the masses over SMS, a widely used yet a simple and basic tool that everyone can use.

Users needn’t have the resource of a Smartphone to access the power of Innoz. Deepak says, “Seventy percent of the world’s population use mobile phones, but only 21 percent of those have internet access on their devices,” that leaves a wide gap in the market for Innoz to fill and utilize. Innoz uses this segment of the market to supplement their growth. Today Innoz caters to more than 120 million users around the world and answers queries from 5 to 10 million per day.

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