Kochi Startup Develops Gesture-Based Device For Doctors For the First Time In India

Bangalore: RHLvision Interactive, a tech Startup based in Kochi, has invented a gesture-based device to help doctors and surgeons. This device would allow surgeons to navigate their computers in operation theatre, without even touching it, reports Techcircle.in.

This new hot gesture-enabled device would help doctors to navigate patient’s records, or interact with experts from abroad and do a video conference from their personal computers, just by simple hand gestures. The device consist a Microsoft Kinect device and a camera attached to it, which allows reading hand signs.

Rohildev N, founder and CEO for RHLvision Interactive, is all excited about his new venture, and is already in talks with all the major hospitals in Kerala to install the device, which is priced at 2.5 lakh.

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