Kaamastra.com Explores The 'Adult' Space In India

Bangalore:  In a country where "adult" products are restricted partly by lack of availability and partly by social fears, Kaamastra is a window which provides an easy way to buy all the products you always wanted to lay your hands on but didn't know where to buy them. Kaamastra.com is the newest entrant into the adult-oriented e-commerce sector and has commenced operations in India. Kaamastra revisits Vatsayana’s love treatise, the Kama Sutra, to draw parallels with the modern sex and share essential teachings that reflect the universality of Romance and Sex.

This gives customers the opportunity to buy an array of adult products from bedroom lingerie, role-play costumes, ambience accessories, lubricants and intimate massage and bath accessories absolutely legally and anonymously. Kaamastra.com is entering the Indian market with international brands like SuperSlyde, KY Jelly and Hathor Aphrodisia to name a few. The portal was started by Rahber Nazir, CEO and Amit Batra, CMO and has garnered attention in the Indian and international market in a short span of time.

Amit Batra, Marketing Head, Kaamastra.com says “We have the vision of being India’s Playboy – a powerful merchandise, services and content oriented brand that is the adult brand of India. We will make Kaamastra a name synonymous with the entire adult space in India while creating and defining this space at the same time.  E-commerce experts predict that the Indian market for such products is expected to more-than-double to 2500 crores the next three years and explode at around $1.6 billion by 2020—products like erotic lubricants, lotions, and lingerie are expected to record a growth of 40-45 per cent. With a growth rate like this, we’ll set the ground rules for the industry.”

In 2012, AiLu, a Chinese retailer of sex products raised the highest Series A of the year in China of $47.4 million. Today, with 10% of India online, Google searches for adult themed products are in the range of 20 lakh.

Rahber Nazir, founder says “In a short span of time we have 800+ likes on our Facebook page and are getting strong interaction and engagement from customers. Our exclusive products are from many local and international markets (US, China, Australia, and Canada among other countries).” Rahber adds “We have an anonymous delivery policy second to none in the industry by taking care of its customer’s privacy and we call it ‘The BlackBox’. It is a black cardboard box with no distinguishing names, logos, anything. It’s wrapped in plain white plastic again with no logos, etc. The invoice on the top of the packet does not mention Kaamastra, the product name, etc. No data is ever sold to third party marketers. Customers can shop online and avail cash on delivery (COD) options also.”

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