Indian Startup Ecosystem To Soon Get IBM's 'Watson'

Indian Startup Ecosystem To Soon Get IBM's 'Watson'

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Indian Startup Ecosystem To Soon Get IBM's 'Watson'

Bangalore: Soon startups in India as well as over the world can expect something from IBM as the tech giant will open its powerful artificial intelligence computing system ‘Watson’, which once upon a time in 2011 rose to fame competing with smart human competitors at a complex T.V. quiz show in the U.S., reports TOI.

Watson uses natural language processing capabilities, machine learning and lots of data fed into it, to directly answer questions put in everyday.  Manoj Saxena - General Manager for Watson solutions at IBM said that people will soon start writing applications and sell the apps as their own. IBM India Software Labs has had talks with some startups India is a huge developer community so the initial focus will be on U.S. and India. Last year IBM had developed a Watson software and services team in Bangalore, the first such set up outside US.

According to Saxena, Watson’s capabilities could be accessed through Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) could be integrated into existing apps. For instance, if you have a query about your next holiday expectations in a beach resort in Europe where it does not rain much, Watson would offer the best opinions based on your previous travel references and provide the best options out of all that.

How Watson differs from other systems is that it provides answers based on semantic differences instead of just using keywords as we use in Google. The software Intelligence system is even trained to understand medical terminologies, being capable of diagnosing based on reading a lot of documents.

Watson also holds the capability to read PDFs, tables and take voice inputs. Reports also state that IBM’s India software Labs is currently working on adding image processing capabilities to the computer system.

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