FlowerAura's Co-founders Reveling Keys of Their Successful Journey

FlowerAura?s Co-founders Reveling Keys of Their Successful Journey

Two pioneers. One dream. A goal to revive the world of emotions and sentiments in the era of modernism. FlowerAura, a successful startup began by delivering fourteen orders on their first Valentine, has now taken over 200+ cities and is, on the verge of creating a history just by a single idea of making lives easier and bringing a continuum to the tradition of spreading emotions. Did they ever know that their dream would take them places or did they just keep following the hit and trial methodology? Well, we are aware they did their homework well, but do we get all answers just with the fact that company has reached heights? To all the mind- boggling queries, here’s the single biggest revelation straight from the co-founders of India’s Leading online gifting portal, https://www.floweraura.com (FlowerAura).

Here’s a transcript of the chat we had with Mr Himsanshu Chawla and Mr Shrey Sehgal, the co-founders of FA Gifts Pvt Ltd.

Q1. Belonging to a non-business background played well in your favor or were the odds against you?

A1. Coming from a non-business family has significantly played an important role throughout this whole course of time. Yes, we both won’t deny that it was merely a chance to either hit the bull’s eye or get bowled out. However, we continued believing in our goals and the middle-class belongingness has worked a lot in our favor, as we could analyze from the common people’s perspective and could draw conclusions to give them a wow experience along with a world of love and emotions.

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Q2. After bagging much success, do you remember the early days of FlowerAura?

A2. We still remember the year 2010 when we had no website, no social media to shout out loud for the upcoming Valentine’s day and all the fourteen orders we achieved were through the news that was made viral by our own friends and family. The love they showed, their thought that they wanted us to keep moving forward as we are there with you, mattered to us. Emotions, sentiments, thoughtfulness, love is what FlowerAura’s laid its first brick with and no matter how difficult e-commerce gets, we are not letting anything hover us down.

Q3. Talking about how FlowerAura growing progress, were you aware of the roadmap that leads to its success?

A3. Well, honestly we began with an idea. A goal to deliver tokens for the special moments that can’t be put into words. However, when we began there were plenty hurdles, few of which we crossed while for others, we had to build bridges and walk over them. Flower business deals with perishable products, delivering them in other cities where you are not present to supervise makes things a lot more difficult than it appears. While I (Himanshu) used to look after the technical part which was to come up with a proper online platform for us to advertise and build a reputation, Shrey used to travel cities to find vendors, educate them with the do’s and don’ts. This all process enriched us with the first-hand experience which further helped us in our current situation.

Q4. What is the current situation of FlowerAura and how do you plan to take it further?

A4. We believe no strategical data marks the success of your company like the customer data. If they are happy, we are happy. When we read emails and heard demands that our customers need hand-delivered cakes along with flowers for their special celebrations, we laid out charts, held meetings, and worked day and night simply to bring them happiness soon after our delivery rings their doorbell. With so much on the table, we introduced one more venture, Bakingo, to take our customer’s experience to next level and with our own stores, we are no more relying on other vendors and providing the wow experience on our own. With the further expansion that has taken over the years, we’ve surely come up with personalised gifts to reach out to their hearts more effectively.

Q5. Seems like a great progress! With so much to do, is your venture is looking out for partners or have you made any financial ties this year?

A5. Of course, as our venture is multiplying year by year and the success has brought us a kind reputation in the e-commerce market, there’s been some investors that have approached us. No, we haven’t made ties with anyone yet, although we are surely looking out for investors and strategical partners that share the same principle of catering to emotions and sentiments of the people.

Q6. Was it easy to find suitable candidates and as an interviewer, I would really want as to what it takes to be a part of FlowerAura.

A6. Team building was again a big challenge. Finding like-minded people who would come along us in our journey and attach efficiently with our visions took some serious hard work. To be a part of FlowerAura simply comes with your accurate specialization in your field and your ability to transform what’s good into its best beautiful form.

Q7. Building a strong team must have blessed you with some serious future plans. Is it true?

A7. Well, Sureshot there has been a considerate amount of planning as we don’t want to be in hot waters just at the beginning of the year 2018. Since we have sorted out the middleman hassles across India, our vision is to add more flexibility by introducing top-notch services and adding a wow experience into our customer’s lives for that we will introduce 3 to 4 delivery centres in each of the 8 metro cities within next two years. Narrowing down the difficulties and focusing more on our delivery channels, we wish to enhance our brand presence for Bakingo as well. While on the journey to progress, we wish to accomplish our goals by being more tech- savvy. To fill the gaps that could enhance our progress and cater to our website, online process and the delivery app to a win-win situation, we aspire to do well in modern technology.

Q8. Do you wish to share your secret mantra with other aspiring entrepreneurs who have just begun their journey?

A8. Well, binding yourself truly to the philosophy of customer satisfaction and catering to their celebration needs can take a gifting portal higher above the rainbows. We might not have followed any marketing bible, but the dedication to bring the impossible right at their fingertips is what lead us into the path of success. And for the final breakthrough, the closer you are to ground realities, the more chance you have to have a fair chance to take your brand up in the market.

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