9 Most Globally Acclaimed Indian Tech Startups

#3 Freshdesk Inc

The Chennai-based startup dedicates itself in providing on-demand customer support software services for companies. It enables customer support effortless and efficient, through their multi-channel social support which includes e-mail and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook

“When we started Freshdesk, we decided to incorporate in the US because that seemed to be the best option for a SaaS company that wanted to handle recurring payments from international customers,” said its CEO Girish Mathrubootham.

#2 CipherGraph Networks Pvt Ltd

The Bangalore based startup offers enterprise cloud security solutions to small and medium businesses. The venture was set up in 2011, but in late last year the startup decided to move its head quarters from Bangalore to California to focus on U.S market.

“The critical mass for hi-tech startups is visibly missing in India (VC, early adopters and startups). The few ones that remain are typically started by people or are backed by people who have strong connects and internal sponsors. The ecosystem is not conducive to new players disrupting the market,” said CEO Jitender Sharan

#1 emo2 Inc

The venture is engaged in developing multi-user-touch technology table top that can be used in a cafe, pub, lounge or a restaurant. Its latest release "emo2 Anywhere" was launched at Consumer Electronic Show two months ago, it boasts a multi-user, touch-interactive operating system and provides a cloud platform.

Besides these list of startups there are number of other internet tech startups engaged in social networking, crowd-sourced content-sharing platform and other such segments which are by default global.

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