9 Most Globally Acclaimed Indian Tech Startups

#5 WalletKit Technologies Pvt Ltd

The venture offers a WalletKit, which integrates with different mobile wallet solutions like Apple Passbook, Google wallet and thereby creating and managing distribution of digital mobile passes. So when a company or an enterprise adapts to mobile wallet solutions, WalletKit, specifically addresses the need to deliver digital tickets, coupons or gift cards.

The Chennai based startup is now migrated to U.S. last October. “We launched here (US) in January this year. The US is the biggest iPhone market in the world and our key target customers are here. So we thought we needed to be here,” said Kevin William David, co-founder and CEO of WalletKit.

#4 GazeMetrix

GazeMetrix empowers brands with insight into when and where their brand was photographed across social media in real-time. GazeMetrix picks up the most popular pictures posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share them on brands fan page.

Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, gazeMetrix accurately analyzes user-created photos and identifies when a brand is featured. GazeMetrix monitoring tool enables brands to discover their latest photos and unseen social data’s instantaneously and thereby providing brands with new and valuable insights.

Founded by Deobrat Singh, Saurab Paruthi and Debayan Banerjee in Delhi, the startup is now migrated to California.

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