9 Most Globally Acclaimed Indian Tech Startups

Bangalore: Customers build business and without them it is impossible for a startup to survive in the market. However, in the current competitive environment it is not that easy to find buyers, especially for the startups delivering technology in India. Many of the tech ventures do not scale up the ladder due to lack of customers and confidence.

“The Indian tech market is not yet large enough to facilitate building companies of scale,” said Helion Venture Partners’ senior MD Ashish Gupta.  “A lot of companies in India need to target customers who will pay more than an Indian customer. Also, several ideas that are being implemented are better suited to overseas markets just because these markets are more ready,” he also added.

Many tech startups are going global as the developed countries are providing them with plenty of opportunities for them to grow and to find customers.

“Startups are going global because the markets are larger, the customers make decisions faster and they are less price sensitive than the customers in emerging markets,” said Mukund Mohan, CEO-in-residence at Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure and an active angel investor. “However, some of the problems the customers are facing in the US are not yet burning issues for customers in India and China,” he added.

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