8 Powerful New Year Resolutions to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Bangalore: On a serious note, have all startup entrepreneurs achieved their goals? If yes, congratulations! But for those aspiring men who missed out on few targets the previous year it is never too late. A new year has begun and you are credited with 365 days to achieve your dream which is possible only with proper planning. New Year resolutions work to a great extent because of the strong determination one has for the coming days, hence a startup entrepreneur apart from creating resolutions like hitting the gym, burning calories etc, he must inculcate the following to ensure that 2013 becomes the best year for him and his startup, as compiled by Pandodaily.com.

I will not spend money unnecessarily on my startup

Most entrepreneurs consider their startup to be their baby and end up spending a lot on it. Most of the times the expenses would be unnecessary and avoidable, here the entrepreneur must realize the need of the expense, plan the outcome and then decide if he has to spend money or no.