8 Lessons "Life of Pi" Teaches Entrepreneurs

3. Keep Moving

When Pi reached the mysterious floating island, it seemed like he has reached an oasis of life with abundant food, water and shelter. But he didn’t settle for something average as he believed there could be something much better available. In business, it’s important to keep moving and not get satisfied with temporary success. It’s important to keep an eye on the final destination.

2. Don’t Give Up

Life of Pi is a story of perseverance and a story of not giving up, even in the hardest of conditions. Pi didn’t give up hope and he kept moving. Similarly, for an entrepreneur, it’s important to remember, that the darkest days are not going to last. It’s important, not to give up on your dreams and give up on life.

1. Be Grateful

Despite those feelings we all have at some point in our lives that nothing is good and that nothing will ever be good again there is always something to be grateful for.