8 Lessons "Life of Pi" Teaches Entrepreneurs

5. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

When Pi found Richard Parker on the life boat, he got scared and threw all the supplies in the lifeboat to a raft and tied it to the life boat and decided to shift to the raft. But a whale appeared one night and upturned Pi’s raft throwing all his supplies to the water and then he realized living with Mr. Parker on the boat may be a better option. While starting up, resources are few and it’s important to save them. It’s good to have one secure base and address the market.

4. Learn to Co-Exist

After the whale incident, he decided to start staying with the tiger on the boat and also set out marking their territories and setting some rules. He started developing a bond with him. Mr. Parker is both a co-founder and a competitor for Pi in his entrepreneurial journey. An entrepreneur needs to co-exist with both co-founders and with competition in the market.