8 Lessons "Life of Pi" Teaches Entrepreneurs

7. Branding is the First Step Towards Success

Pi Patel was born with the name Piscina Molitor Patel, of which everyone started making fun. He worked hard on a rebranding exercise. He decided to remember the value of Pi expressed in several hundred decimal places to tell that his name is derived from the Greek letter.  So, if you have to work on creating a new brand name of changing your existing brand name for that matter, work on telling a good story which captures the imagination of the audience. The story makes the brand name stick.

6. Planning is Important

When Pi was thrown into the Sea on the lifeboat with limited stock of resources, he found a handbook to help him plan for the time on the lifeboat. If you are an entrepreneur, think of the handbook as your business plan. It’s important to keep it handy and work according to the plan and of course, keep referring to it, when you’re in doubt and monitor progress as you go along.