8 Lessons "Life of Pi" Teaches Entrepreneurs

Bangalore: “Life of Pi”, the booker prize winning book by Yann Martel is now showing as a movie in theatres. Not only it has scored high on the box office meter but has given the viewers something to take back home about life’s ups and downs and how to handle them bravely. The captivating story of the Pi’s magical journey on a lifeboat with a Royal Bengal Tiger teaches about faith in oneself and in god. The journey is very similar to the journey of an entrepreneur. There is a lifeboat and a raft (the start-up), a tiger (the unwanted venture capitalists angel investors), the sea (the market), ships (commercial success)... There is also time (the factors that we cannot control and therefore should stop worrying about; there's enough worry on matters that we can sort out). Let us look at some of the lessons the movie teaches the entrepreneurs:

8. Stay Focused

Pi’s father Santosh Patel says this to Pi at the dining table, when he was getting curious about different religions and wanted to follow all of them at the same time. It’s difficult to follow different paths at the same time, as many of them are conflicting in nature and often create confusion and make it difficult to stay focused and at times, lead to wastage of crucial resources.