7 Educational Startups Promoting e-Learning in India

BANGALORE: Education in India is getting a whole new dimension with the advent of some revolutionary online educational startups. Narendra Modi’s campaign ‘Skill Up’ is luring more organizations to invest in the online education startup space.

India’s online education arena is close to $3 billion today, making it the next big thing in India. Analysts envisage that the online education sector would prosper incredibly in the next 25 years.

The new startups and the higher diffusion of internet and smartphone innovations are teaming up education with high end technology where education is no more bound to classrooms.

As the sector is booming and is estimated to grow as big as e-commerce in India, a lot of new startups are crossing the threshold, helping the youth in India to secure their future and making business, drawing marquee investors.

Here’s a list of 7 budding education startups in India.

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